Dare you hire us!

Paranormal Hires normally run from 7pm to 3am, though other start and finish times can be accommodated by prior arrangement. The hire charge is £350, £50 deposit within 4 weeks of a booking, balance needs to paid 2 weeks in advance if cheque or BACS and on the night is acceptable if it is a cash payment, total of 25 guests allowed plus the team, copy of their public liability insurance must be provided.

If you would like more details on what we can offer, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

With more than 25 unexplained deaths on this site, dark cells and corridors to investigate, this is a foreboding and sinister place. Ghost hunters have seen some shocking Poltergeist activity and people have fled in fear rather than spend time alone in the cells.
We have a host of alleged spooky residents including a policeman who appears in our courtroom, an old lady and little girl in the theatre's dressing rooms and a shadowy figure who roams the corridors! You have been warned!

The Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough was the Police Station and Courts for well over one hundred years with more than 20 documented deaths within the cells that are now deep below the theatre. The abandoned cells and exercise yard can be a truly harrowing place to investigate with many people leaving vowing never to return. The old courts and Judges rooms which are now the theatre and dressing rooms are rife with poltergeist activity many objects have been moved only to turn up in another area, doors slammed and locked from the inside.

During our past investigations here we have witnessed dark menacing shadows, people have been touched by unseen hands and a door leading to the Judges room slammed shut as we tried to leave. Be prepared for a night out at a theatre like no other.


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